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Our team specializes in user experience architecture, UI design and high quality software and solution development that increases your business efficiency. is a creative agency with a digital obsession. Our twofold vision is to overwhelm minds with influencing interactive experiences that amaze and bewilder, and to alleviate hectic endeavours through out-of-the box solutions. sets the trend in creative promotional sites, web services and software solutions through an extensive digital and mobile expertise that powers our valued designs and innovative high-end products.

who we are
what we do

Website Design, Development and Hosting

We provide the whole process of website creation; designing it according to your needs and wishes, developing with skill and also provide hosting plans, making your life easier. We offer different website plans that cater for different needs.


  • Basic (€450 excl. vat)
    • 1 page: About, Services, Blog, Contact
  • Business (€850 excl. vat)
    • Responsive + multiple pages (5 max at the given price): Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact
  • Business Pro (P.O.R)
    • Responsive + shop + multiple pages: Home, About, Services, Shop, Blog, Contact, Possible payment page, account setup, security.
  • Premium Plus (P.O.R)
    • Super responsive, different from common websites due to high interaction and user experience, can be one pager, multiple pages, and other. (Option to have premium plus home page as interactive intro in conjunction with other website plans at a lower cost than having a fully premium plus website)

Application Design and Development

We develop full-stack applications and games for any type of service or solution. We cater for any platform, be it android, iOs, Windows, macOs, or Linux.

Whether it is an application for customers to see your latest news/products, or for staff to use as internal management/communications platform, we can deliver an outstanding product that will be engaging, easy to use and a perfect investment for your business. If you are a firm looking for game content creation or designs, we are fully equipped to help with your desires.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Having a dedicated team on artificial intelligence we provide fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions to many everyday problems.

Here are some examples where AI integrations eliminate the troublesome and error prone nature of human calculations.

  • Route optimization in delivery services calculated by an AI.
  • Classification of documents.

Ask us more to see if your business could make us of an AI solution.

Block-Chain Solutions and Current Technology

Keeping up-to-date with current technological advances, and with our excellent development skills, we develop systems implementing new technologies such as block-chain. Creation of a trading cryptocurrency exchange platform is therefore no new feat for us.

Graphic Design Services and Digital Marketing

We also do great graphic design here at booklet where we offer various products; logos, business card design, posters, and adverts. An expertise in digital marketing grants us the chance to help your business grow further and find its roots in the digital world.

Digital marketing and digital reach:

  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Poster and Advert Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Blog Design
  • PPC – SEM & Advertising
  • SEO
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Link Analysis
    • Keyword Analysis
    • Online Reputation Analysis
    • Link Building
    • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • SMM / SMO – Social Media
  • Website Analysis (Free for first time)
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Website visitor Tracking (1 Month free trial, €80/month or €780/year excl. VAT)
    • Analysis of website traffic, and further study on website performance in a monthly period.
    • Full Access and Support.

Website Maintenance and Security

We provide various maintenance plans to cater for your specific needs such as server maintenance, web security and general updates.

  • Bronze (€40/month excl. vat) [paid every three months in advance]
    • Monthly WordPress Core Updates
    • Monthly WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates
    • Weekly Database Backup
    • Weekly Website Backup
    • Monthly Website Inspection
    • Monthly Spam Maintenance
    • 2 Tech Support calls per month (30 min jobs)
    • Monthly Report of all Maintenance Activity
  • Silver (€55/month excl. vat) [paid every three months in advance]
    • All of above plus:
    • 24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring
    • Security Monitoring
    • Monthly Security Scan
    • Monthly Database Optimisation
    • Monthly Media Library Optimisation
    • Monthly Usage Statistics Report
    • 5 Tech Support calls per month (30 min jobs)
  • Gold (€100/month excl. vat) [paid every three months in advance]
    • All of above plus:
    • Basic Search Engine Optimisation*
    • 5 Website Content Update* Jobs per month


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